Rejected by iTunes, Hulu and other services
for not having a US credit card?

Travel with StatesPay Virtual Card


Optimized for online streaming services

Many American websites and streaming services such as Hulu Plus, Sling TV, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes require an American issued card with a US billing address. Use the StatesPay Virtual card to access these services. The sign up is fast and easy and every card is issued by U.S. bank.

StatesPay is a safe and secure virtual card with simple pricing

For one simple $3.95 monthly fee and a one time $14.95 membership fee, StatesPay allows you to pay for online services with an American prepaid card and billing address.


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How It Works

Get your card

Signing up is fast and simple!

We need to know some basic personal information in order to open your account with our U.S. partner bank.


Easily load funds from any major credit card, Visa debit or Paypal.

Funds are transferred instantly with more options coming soon. We pass on a small credit card or Paypal load fee on to you. Funds are transferred instantly and we will have more options soon.


Login to your account and fetch your virtual card info to be used for any online service.


Keep on top of your virtual card

Use your account to see all of your transactions, reload your virtual card and change your personal information.

Register Your Account Today

Simple to Use

Fast sign up for travellers to the U.S. with a convenient web account

Optimized for online services

Pay for Hulu, iTunes and most major online services

Fund Your Card

Instantly load your virtual card through credit card or paypal

Safe and Secure

Every virtual card is issued by a U.S. bank